Real Estate

Real Estate Programs establishes policies and procedures and provides oversight for state leases and other real estate contracts for executive branch agencies and institutions of higher education. This process includes statutory approval of all leases, coordination with the state's contracted real estate brokers, maintaining the inventory of state-owned and leased property, maintaining the inventory of state-owned vacant facilities: annually reporting acquisitions, dispositions and lease summaries to the Capital Development Committee of the General Assembly, and development and administration of office space standards for leased space and strategic real property strategies.

While the state's leasing program is the largest single responsibility of Real Estate Programs, other areas of real estate activities are also included such as purchase of real estate for the state, sale or lease of state-owned real estate, and negotiation and execution of licenses, rights-of-way and easements, either on non-state land for the use of the state, or on state land for the use of private parties. All activities of Real Estate Programs exclude three areas of real estate activity that are specifically assigned to other agencies:

  1. Acquisitions by the Department of Transportation (CDOT),
  2. Acquisition or disposition of state land by the State Land Board, and
  3. Certain easements, rights-of way and vacant land leases and acquisitions by the Division of Wildlife or the Parks and Recreation Division of the Department of Natural Resources.

Additionally, Colorado statutes require that all acquisitions and dispositions of real estate by all agencies and institutions of higher education except the State Land Board and CDOT rights-of-way must be reported to Real Estate Programs. Real Estate Programs then uses this information to fulfill its statutory responsibility of maintaining a current inventory of all state owned real estate.


Cameron Kennedy
Manager, Real Estate Program

Jennifer Threlkeld
Real Estate Specialist

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