Contracted Broker Services

With limited exceptions, all state agencies and institutions MUST utilize contracted real estate brokerage services when leasing or purchasing property in any of the nine counties covered by the contracts (Contract Brokers). In turn, when requested by a state agency, Contract Brokers MUST provide the service. Regardless of the contractual obligation to utilize the Contract Brokers' services, Real Estate Programs has found that assistance from professional real estate brokers provides significant advantages to state agencies and institutions. In a leasing situation, the Contract Brokers' assistance up-front can save the agency time, money and frustration by assisting with needs assessment and space programming. In addition, the Contract Brokers' knowledge of the real estate market can help agencies find locations that meet their needs while assuring that state dollars are spent wisely. The Contract Brokers, in collaboration with the tenant agency, will conduct the negotiations with the landlord and/or its agent. In addition, the Contract Brokers will draft the lease and contract documents. There is no cost to state agencies and institutions for the Contract Brokers' services, but rather, as is the customary practice in the real estate industry, the Contract Brokers are paid a commission by the lessor/seller of the property where an interest in real estate is being acquired.

Real Estate Programs, through its authority under § 24-30-1303, C.R.S. and § 24-80-102, C.R.S., has contracted with real estate brokers in the seven county Denver metro area and in El Paso and Pueblo Counties to be the state's sole source agents for acquiring real estate interests.

Denver Metropolitan Area

(Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties)
Jones Lang LaSalle
1225 17th Street, Ste. 1900
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: 303-260-6500
Fax: 303-572-0914
Contact: Barry Dorfman, Joe Hollister or Patrick Bolick

Colorado Springs and Pueblo

(El Paso and Pueblo Counties)
Quantum Commercial Group
101 N. Cascade Avenue, 2d Floor
Colorado Springs, CO 80903-1413
Tel: 719-228-3606
Fax: 719-634-0404
Contact: Mary Frances Cowan