Real Estate Resources

The Real Estate Program has put together the following slides and documents for training purposes: 

Overview of the Real Estate Program: This presentation covers the Real Estate Program's oversight role, statutory and executive authority and responsibilities, routine services, and policies and procedures. 

Leasing Transaction Process: This presentation provides an in-depth examination of how the State acquires leasehold interests in real estate.  The slide show explores the five-phase model that the Real Estate Program uses to lease property.  

Real Estate Program's Policies and Procedures Manual: The Real Estate Program's Policies and Procedures Manual is the backbone that supports the program's operations.  There are eleven chapters in the manual, and this slide show briefly covers the material that is provided in each chapter.   

Real Estate Workflow Diagram: The following diagram shows the five phases of the leasing process.  

Real Estate Space Request Process Diagram: The following diagram shows the Space Request Process.



Real Estate Delegate Meeting