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State Buildings Programs establishes policies and procedures and provides statutory oversight of the state's capital construction process (including controlled maintenance) at each state agency and institution of higher education. This process includes solicitation and procurement of professional design and construction services, development of standard contract language, establishment of project management guidelines including cost management, adoption and implementation of building codes and compliance requirements, and administration of the controlled maintenance program. This controlled maintenance program involves the establishment of a statewide system to annually measure and report to the Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) and the Capital Development Committee (CDC) of the General Assembly concerning the condition of state-owned facilities and recommending the statewide prioritized list of controlled maintenance project needs.

State Buildings Alerts

Alert 006 - July 29, 2022: Website Template Updates and SLFRF Policy

Alert 005 - March 14, 2022: Repeal of Certification and Affidavit Regarding Unauthorized Immigrants

Alert 004 - March 10, 2022: As-Needed Professional Services Program, Contractor's Registration Program Termination

Alert 003 - January 7, 2022: Contractor LCPTracker Training

Alert 002 IHE - October 1, 2021: LCPTracker Task Order Process - Institutions of Higher Education

Alert 002 A - October 1, 2021: LCPTracker Task Order Process - State Agencies

Alert 001 - September 13, 2021: LCPTracker Task Order Process, Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Expectations and Timing


Tana Lane
Manager, State Buildings Program

Kathleen Miller
Apprenticeship and Prevailing Wage Analyst

Paulette M. Horn
Payroll Specialist

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