Apprenticeship Contribution Rates

Per C.R.S. § 24-92-208 Apprenticeship Contribution Rate, Agencies and Institutions shall specify the apprenticeship contribution rate and fringe benefit requirements as set in accordance with the apprenticeship contribution of the collective bargaining agreement of the applicable trade in the geographic locality of the Public Project. 

  • Contractors signatory to the applicable collective bargaining agreement shall be required to pay no more than the apprenticeship contribution rate of the agreement;
  • Contractors that are not signatory to a collective bargaining agreement but that are members of a multi-employer trade association that sponsors an apprenticeship program registered with the United States department of labor’s employment and training administration or directly sponsor such a program for their own employees, shall pay the determined apprenticeship contribution to that program or to a state apprenticeship council registered with the United States department of labor;
  • Contractors that do not qualify for either option specified above shall be required to pay the amount of the apprenticeship contribution to affected workers in cash payments in addition to the other components of the required prevailing wage and fringe benefit package.

The apprenticeship contribution rate shall be deducted from the prevailing wage rate package to avoid double payment by the contractor or subcontractor.