Construction & Design Notices

State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education are required to post all request for professional services (architect, engineer, land surveyor, landscape architect, and industrial hygienist) with fees above $100,000 and all construction procurements above $25,000. ,

On July 1, 2014, the State of Colorado transitioned to a new financial management system called the Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE). Because of this transition, solicitations (including construction and design notices) are now being posted on ColoradoVSS, the vendor-facing side of CORE. To find where solicitations are being posted or for more information on how to access ColoradoVSS visit the State Purchasing and Contracts Office website. There is no cost to register on ColoradoVSS.


Capital Development Committee is, charged with considering and prioritizing funding, requests for capital construction projects. The committee is required to conduct a hearing to consider and approve an institution of higher education's Two-Year Projection of Cash Need projects. The list is available on the CDC web site staff documents.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has program oversight of their highway construction projects and utilizes their own website:
CDOT Highway and Bridge Construction Projects

Bid Preference information from the State Purchasing Office:
Reciprocal Preference / Resident Bidder Information