Emergency Projects

State Buildings Programs manages the Emergency Controlled Maintenance Fund. When a general funded building or infrastructure emergency arises that poses a threat to public health, welfare, or safety and the expense is anticipated to be over $5,000, the agency must notify State Buildings Programs and the Office of State Risk Management and follow the procedures in the attached links.

Emergency Controlled Maintenance Documents

  • Emergency Controlled Maintenance Projects Policies and Procedures EM P&P Rev. 11/2022
  • Emergency Project Questionnaire and Project Budget EMQ (Rev. 11/2020)
  • Memo for Project Completion EMClose (Rev. 7/2018)
  • Emergency Controlled Maintenance Purchase Order SBP-3.1EM (Rev. 3/2020)
  • EM Project Capitalization Questionnaire (EMCap) NEW


Document Revisions - OSA Document Revisions effective July 14, 2022

Document Revisions - OSA Document Revisions effective Sept 6, 2022