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All the resources on this page are available to state agencies and institutions of higher education. Planning's authority is only to state agencies.

Overview of planning for state agencies:

The state legislature shall not "acquire a capital asset or authorize or initiate any program or activity requiring capital construction, except programs or activities for controlled maintenance or capital renewal, for any state agency or state institution of higher education unless the program or activity is an element of the facility program plan for the agency or institution and such facilities program plan has been approved by the state architect".  (CRS 2-3-1304.6)

Executive directors of each agency shall "review facilities master planning and facility program planning for all capital construction, controlled maintenance, and capital renewal on department real property, regardless of the source of funds".  Projects cannot commence "except in accordance to approved facilities master plans and facility program plans".  (CRS 24-1-136.5)

Each agency "shall forward operational master plans, facilities master plans, facility program plans, and five-year plans to the office" and the state architect shall "review operational master plans and approve the facilities master plans, facility program plans, and five-year plans".  Furthermore, the office of the state architect "shall annually provide the capital development committee with a report on approved facility management plans and facility program plans, and shall also provide the committee with copies of approved five-year plans for each state agency". (CRS 24-30-1311-3a)

Overview of the planning process:

The basic framework for the planning process begins with performance based budgeting established by OSPB.  Each year, agencies prepare an annual performance plan that identifies and aligns performance goals, processes, inputs, outputs and outcomes for their major program areas. These plans should provide a linkage to agency operational master plans which detail who the agency is, what they do and how they do it. These operational master plans form the basis of subsequent facility planning, which eventually include a facilities master plan that analyzes and organizes the agency's facility needs. As projects are identified and prioritized, a facility program plan would be developed for projects over $500,000 and form the basis for a subsequent capital request.

The Colorado Commission for Higher Education manages the planning process for all higher ed institutions. The Department of Transportation, Parks and Wildlife, and the Land Board are excluded from the OSA managed process per Per 24-30-1301-15b.


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