Contract Forms

Other helpful Policy documents include the IPD Amendment Tracking spreadsheet, Change Order Management Guidelines, Contract Modification Guidelines and Contract Signing Instructions.

Doc. No.Model ContractsRev. Date
SC-5.1Architect/Engineer AgreementJan 2024
SC-5.1TCArchitect/Engineer Agreement Terms and ConditionsJan 2024
SC-5.2Architect/Engineer Agreement Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC)Jan 2024
SC-5.3Consultant AgreementAug 2023
SBP-3.1 PO-OSAPurchase Order for Construction ServicesAug 2023
SC-6.21Contractor's Design/Bid/Build (D/B/B) AgreementJan 2024
SC-6.23General Conditions of Contractor's Design/Bid/Build (D/B/B) AgreementJan 2024
SC-6.5Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) AgreementJan 2024
SC-6.51General Conditions of the Construction Manager/General Contractor AgreementJan 2024
SC-8.0Design/Build Lump Sum (LS) AgreementJan 2024
SC-8.1General Conditions of the Design/Build Lump Sum (LS) AgreementJan 2024
SC-9.0Design/Build Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) AgreementJan 2024
SC-9.1General Conditions of the Design/Build GMP AgreementJan 2024


Doc. No.Contract Modification DocumentsRev . Date
SC-7.0ASupplement to Architect/Engineer AgreementJuly 2014
SC-7.0BSupplement to Consultant AgreementJuly 2014
SC-6.0AContract AmendmentAug 2023
SC-6.0BContract Amendment (GMP)Aug 2023
SC-6.0CContract Amendment (GMP - Early Bid Package)Aug 2023
SC-6.31Change OrderJuly 2022
SC-6.31BChange OrderAug 2023
SC-6.311Change Order BulletinJan 2022
SC-6.312Change Order ProposalJuly 2022
SC-6.31EEmergency Field Change OrderJuly 2010


Doc. No.Contract ExhibitsRev. Date
SC-6.22Performance BondJuly 2022
SC-6.221Labor and Material Payment BondJuly 2022
SBP-6.18Direct Labor Burden CalculationAug 2023
-Sales Tax Exemption - Contractor Application for Exemption Form DR0172 (CO DOR Sales Tax - Instructions and Forms webpage)-
-Code Compliance: Coordination (Refer to OSA Building Codes webpage)-
SC-SGCSLFRF: Supplemental General Conditions - Federal Provisions-
-SLFRF Terms and Conditions-


Doc. No.Contract Management InformationRev. Date
SBP-10.1Project Specific Status ReportJuly 2020
SBP-10.12IPD Amendment TrackingJuly 2020