Contract Forms

Other helpful Policy documents include the IPD Amendment Tracking spreadsheet, Change Order Management Guidelines, Contract Modification Guidelines and Contract Signing Instructions.


Note: Contracts are fillable forms. Select the contract you need. It will download automatically to your desktop OR you can go to your "Downloads" file folder. Select and open the downloaded document. A yellow banner will populate with "Protected View" and "Enable Editing".  Use the "Enable Editing" feature. The documents are unlocked so you will be able to edit them as a form. To view the Comments from the State Buildings Program (SBP), select the bubble at the right of the document text. Read through the comments and close the comment bubble OR, on the Toolbar, you can select "Review" and "Simple Markup" should be selected. To view ALL SBP comments at the same time, select "All Markup". Revert back to "Simple Markup" or "No Markup" to print the document.


Model Contracts

  • Architect/Engineer Agreement SC-5.1 Rev. 01/2024
  • Architect/Engineer Agreement Terms and Conditions SC-5.1TC Rev. 01/2024
  • Architect/Engineer Agreement (CM/GC) SC-5.2 Rev. 01/2024 Consult with SBP before using this form
  • Consultant Agreement (CON) SC-5.3 (Rev. 08/2023)
  • Purchase Order for Construction Services SBP-3.1 (08/2023)
  • Contractors Agreement (D/B/B) SC-6.21 Rev. 01/2024
    General Conditions of the Contract SC-6.23 Rev. 01/2024
  • Construction Manager/General Contractor Agreement SC-6.50 Rev. 01/2024 Consult with SBP before using this form
    General Conditions of the Contract SC-6.51 Rev. 01/2024
  • Design/Build Agreement Lump Sum SC-8.0 Rev. 01/2024 Consult with SBP before using this form
  • General Conditions of the Design/Build Agreement Lump Sum SC-8.1 Rev. 01/2024
  • Design/Build Guaranteed Maximum Price Agreement SC-9.0 Rev. 01/2024 Consult with SBP before using this form
    General Conditions of the Design/Build Guaranteed Maximum Price Agreement SC-9.1 Rev. 01/2024

 Contract Modification Documents

  • Supplement to Architect/Engineer Agreement SC-7.0A (Rev. 7/2014)
  • Supplement to Consultant Agreement SC-7.0B (Rev. 7/2014)
  • Contract Amendment SC-6.0A (Rev. 08/2023)
  • Contract Amendment (GMP) SC-6.0B (Rev. 08/2023)
  • Contract Amendment (GMP-Early Bid Package) SC-6.0C (Rev. 08/2023)
  • Change Order SC-6.31 (Rev. 7/2022)
  • Change Order SC-6.31B (Rev. 08/2023)
  • Change Order Bulletin SC-6.311 (Rev. 01/2022)
  • Change Order Proposal SC-6.312 (Rev. 7/2022)
  • Emergency Field Change Order SC-6.31E (Rev. 7/2010)

 Contract Exhibits

Contract Management Information

  • Project Specific Status Report SBP-10.1 (Rev. 7/2020)
  • Integrated Project Delivery Amendment Tracking SBP10.12 (New 7/2020)

Contract Forms Archive and Revision Information

For Archived documents, contact the Office of the State Architect at 720-607-4228. Please indicate the fiscal year and/or month the contract was initially started so we can locate the proper document.

For the latest document revisions, please see the State Buildings webpage, Alert 010