Procedural Forms

Doc. No.Procedural DocumentsRev. Date
SC-4.1Construction Project ApplicationAug 2023
SBP-6.15Notice of Award (Design/Bid/Build and Design/Build Lump Sum Agreements)July 2022
SBP-6.16Notice of Award (GMP Agreements)Aug 2023
-State Labor PosterJan 2022
SBP-6.26Notice to Proceed (Design/Bid/Build Contract)Aug 2022
SBP-7.26Notice to Proceed to Commence Construction Phase (CM/GC)Aug 2023
SBP-8.26Notice to Proceed to Commence Design Phase (Design/Build Agreement)Aug 2022
SBP-8.261Notice to Proceed to Commence Construction Phase (Design/Build Agreement)Aug 2022
SBP-01Notice of Approval of Occupancy/UseJuly 2022
SBP-07Notice of Substantial CompletionAug 2023
SBP-071Notice of Partial Substantial CompletionAug 2023
SBP-05Pre-Acceptance ChecklistAug 2023
SBP-6.27Notice of Final AcceptanceSep 2006
SBP-6.271Notice of Partial Final AcceptanceSep 2006
SBP-7.3Notice of Contractor's SettlementAug 2023
SBP-7.31Notice of Partial Contractor's SettlementAug 2023
SBP-7.2Certificate for Contractor's PaymentAug 2023
SBP-7.21Certified Payroll TranscriptAug 2021
SBP-7.1Application for Payment for Architect/Engineer/Consultant FeesJuly 2021
-Restroom Signage Funds RequestApr 2024


Doc. No.Project Tracking DocumentsRev. Date
SBP-10.1Project Specific Status ReportJuly 2020
SBP-10.12IPD Amendment TrackingJuly 2020


Doc. No.Close-Out DocumentsRev. Date
Exhibit L-1Project Close Out Code Compliance Documentation TransmittalJan 2024
Exhibit L-2Project Close Out Budget Reconciliation/Project EvaluationsJuly 2021
SBP-092Contingency Use SummaryJuly 2022
SBP-091Five Most Costly GoodsJuly 2022


Doc. No.Building Code Compliance DocumentsRev. Date
SBP-017Plan Review AuthorizationAug 2023
SBP-BIRBuilding Inspection RecordAug 2023
SBP-018Building Inspection AuthorizationAug 2023
SBP-019Inspection ReportJuly 2008