Project Management Policies & Guidelines

The basic steps, policies, and guidelines for professional services and construction projects are available below.

  • The contract, procedural, and solicitation templates are available on these forms pages:

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Policies and Procedure Documents


SLFRF Interim Policy in response to Long Bill HB22-1329 projects (NEW)

Basic Steps Checklist 2022 for Design/Bid/Build Projects (SBP-BSC) (Rev. 07/2022)

Basic Steps Checklist 2022 for CMGC Integrated Project Delivery methods (SBP-BSC-CMGC) (Rev 07/2022)

GMP FAQ April 2022

Assembling the Construction Project Manual (SBP-PR02) (Rev. 07/2022)

       Project Manual/Contract Documents Signature

Construction Contract Signing Instructions (SBP-CSI) (Rev. 07/2022)

Small Construction Purchases (SBP-SCP) (Rev. 07/2022)

Public Projects (Rev. 01/2022)

Project Monitoring and Cost Management Guidelines (Rev. 07/2022)

SB17-267 Controlled Maintenance Funded Projects (Special Policy, New 9/2019)

Construction Project Representation

Agency Records Management and Project Files (Rev. 07/2022)

Integrated Delivery Methods (Rev. 07/2022)

Best Practices: Selection of Construction and Professional Services (Rev. 07/2022)

Contract Changes/Modifications/Revisions

Contract Modification Guidelines (Rev. 07/2022)

Change Order Management Guidelines (Rev. 07/2022)

Document Revisions

A current list of OSA State Buildings Program documents. (Rev 7/2022)

Document Revisions are indicated in this file - OSA Document Revisions effective July 14, 2022