Tax Exempt Leases

Tax Exempt Status (C.R.S. 39-3-124) for State Leased Space

As of January 1, 2009 the State will not be responsible for paying property taxes on state leased properties. Property taxes are collected by the county therefore each department will be responsible for informing the local county assessor, of buildings leased by the state. Included within the bill is the requirement of submitting all leases and amendments to each individual county assessor. This applies to land leases as well as building leases.

Any real estate lease or amendment must be filed in a timely manor with the appropriate county assessor. Any termination of a lease prior to the term stated in Article 1 (B) of the lease must also be filed with the appropriate county assessor. This will be the responsibility of the individual agency.

County Assessors
CRS 39-3-124
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Example Letter to Landlord

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