Q: What building codes have been adopted by the Office of the State Architect?

A:  State Buildings Programs (SBP) within the Office of the State Architect is responsible for establishing minimum building codes for all construction by state agencies (State Departments and Institutions of Higher Education) on state-owned or state-lease purchased properties or facilities.  Approved Building Codes


Q: Who are the building code officials for state funded projects?

A:  The State of Colorado contracts with pre-qualified Code Consultants to conduct drawing reviews and building inspections.


Q: What is a Controlled Maintenance Project?

A:  Is defined in statute, CRS 24-30-1301(2), as corrective repairs or replacement or existing state-owned, general–funded buildings and other physical facilities, including but not limited to utilities and site improvements, which are suitable for retention and use for at least five years, and replacement and repair of the fixed equipment necessary for the operation of such facilities, when such work is not funded in an agency's operating budget to be accomplished by the agency's physical plant staff. Controlled Maintenance


Q: What is a Capital Construction Project?

A:  Is defined in statute, CRS 24-30-1301(1), as the purchase of land and the purchase, construction, or demolition of buildings or other physical facilities including utilities, to make physical changes necessitated by changes in the program to meet standards required by applicable codes, to correct other conditions hazardous to the health and safety of persons which are not covered by codes, to effect conservation of energy resources, to effect cost savings for staffing, operations, or maintenance of the facility, or to improve appearance.  Capital Construction


Q: Who manages state funded construction project?

A:  Each state agency has direct day to day management responsibility for Capital and Controlled Maintenance construction projects at their agency, OSA has statutory oversight of the state agencies.  Funding source may be from state/federal/internal/grants or other.


Q: Where do I find current construction related forms?

A:  The current construction forms are grouped by purpose: Contract Forms, Procedural Forms and Solicitation/Misc. Forms.


Q: Where do I find current project management guidelines?

A: The guidelines can be found on the Project Management Policies/Guidelines page.


Q: What is the High Performance Certification Program (HPCP)?

A:  The HPCP is a dynamic sustainable building program established by the Office of the State Architect (OSA) per Colorado Senate Bill (SB) 07-51 and amended by SB 08-147 and SB 09-290. This program establishes the minimum performance requirements for qualifying state-assisted facilities and ensures that projects pursue and achieve the appropriate third-party certification during their construction of new facilities, the renovation of existing facilities, or the addition to existing facilities. New Construction/Major Renovations page


Q: What is an Energy Performance Contract?

A:  Energy Performance Contracts is an alternative funding source to repair and/or renovate facilities while increasing the energy efficiency of these facilities. The contract guarantees annual utility savings (dollars and usage) by incorporating energy conservation measures into existing facilities. The dollars saved are then used to fund the new equipment over a specified period of time. Energy Management page.


Q: What Lease Contracts do State Agencies use? Where are the Lease Templates?

A:  The State has three different templates; Gross, Base Year and NNN. The majority of the leases in the State are Gross (short form). All three State approved Lease forms are available at the following link Real Estate Forms.


Q: When is it appropriate to use a Lease Amendment or New Lease?

A Located within the footer of the Lease document is the revision date of the template. If this revision date is the same as the template on the forms page a Lease Amendment may possibly be used. Although Amendments should only be used for common modifications to the Lease and many major modifications may require a new Lease. 


Q: Who is the current Real Estate Services Provider for the State?

A:  Current Contracted Broker Services. For the Denver Metro Area (Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, Douglas, Boulder & Broomfield) the current Real Estate Services provider is Jones Lang LaSalle. For the Southern Front Range (El Paso and Pueblo) the current Real Estate Services provider is Quantum Commercial. 


Q: Is the State exempted from paying Property Taxes on Leased Property?

A:  Under Tax Exempt CRS 39-3-124 the State is exempted from the payment of Property Tax on leased space. All three State approved lease forms address this issue under Article 15 "Tenant's Tax Exempt Status". 


Q: Does Real Estate Programs have any Space Standards?

A:  The Space Standards form is available in within the Real Estate Policy and Procedures Manual.


Q: How do State Agencies go about Leasing or Procuring Leased Space?

A:  A step by step process of how agencies procure space is detailed in the Policy and Procedures Manual.




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