Facility Condition Audits & Infrastructure Assessments

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The goals of evaluating owned Real Property and Fixed Equipment is to perform facility condition audits of buildings, infrastructure assessments of land improvements, and a report of the findings and conclusions. The benefit of the evaluation is to create or update a comprehensive document which identifies and quantifies building systems/components and the associated costs to renovate, retrofit, restore, and maintain "existing buildings" to a "like new" condition. The facility condition audit will serve to acquaint management and maintenance personnel where deficiencies exist, the overall condition of their buildings, generate the Facility Condition Index (FCI) value, and provide information that will assist in long range planning and budgeting activities. In addition to the facility condition audit, an assessment of the state agency's/institution's infrastructure will identify where deficiencies exist based on age, the frequency and type of work orders, or where the infrastructure has reached or exceeded design capacity. The infrastructure assessment results in creating order of magnitude cost estimates to repair or replace infrastructure deficiencies.

This program applies to state agencies and Institutions of Higher Education. 

The Department of Transportation and the Department of Natural Resources (Parks and Wildlife, Land Commission) are excluded from the OSA managed process per Per 24-30-1301 (15b).

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