Vacant Facilities / Unused Property

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The Office of the State Architect maintains an inventory of all vacant facilities owned by any State Agency or Institution of Higher Education. This inventory does not include the Department of Transportation or Department of Natural Resources.

The inventory includes:

  • Name of the State Agency or Institution of Higher Education that owns the property,
  • Name of the building/facility,
  • Township
  • Repurpose Potential 
  • GSF (Gross Square Feet)
  • Date Built
  • FCI (Facility Condition Index) (Demolition 0%-34%, Extensive Renovation 35%-54%, Remodel 55%-74%, Major Maintenance 75%-94%)
  • Additional Information

Annual Report         

This report is located in Section III L of the FY22-23 OSA Annual Report. OSA Annual Report to the Capitol Development Committee includes the Vacant Facilities Report and the associated building data as reported by each state agency and institution of higher education. This summary does not include the Department of Transportation or the Department of Natural Resources/Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Vacant Facilities Report PDF         

The above 25 MB PDF from Dec. 2020 will open in a new tab. The list indicates if the State Agency or Intuition of Higher Education would be willing to lease or sell a vacant facility provided the right occupancy type or users were to be presented. Please contact the individual agency for additional information on any of these facilities. Provided here is a link to agencies' contact information.

Unused Property Form         

House Bill 21-1274 directs the Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) to produce and maintain an inventory of State-owned land and buildings to promote affordable housing, child care, public schools, residential mental and behavioral health care, and renewable energy development. Parties interested in leasing or purchasing State-owned property may see the beneficial uses of state property page.