OSA Reports & Training

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OSA 101 Training        

Explore training modules designed to complement the State Buildings Program Policies and Procedures. 

OSA Annual Reports        

The Office of the State Architect (OSA) has an annual hearing with the Capital Development Committee and provides its Annual Report at that hearing. The report contains the OSA reviewed Capital Construction and Capital Renewal (CCCR) project requests, the recommended statewide Controlled Maintenance (CM) project requests, the CCCR and CM Five Year Plans for state agencies and institutions of higher education, the status of funded CCCR and CM projects, information on state agencies planning projects, energy and environmental data, information on acquisitions and disposition of state property, a list of statewide leases and additional state agencies, and institutions of higher education information.

Annual Meetings & Training        

The Office of the State Architect has Annual Meetings with all state agency and institutions of higher education facility directors, managers, project directors, and other individuals involved in the planning and managing of construction projects. 

Project Reporting        

The Office of the State Architect has Project Reporting requirements to collect and report on capital construction, capital renewal, and controlled maintenance at the close out of these projects. Information collected is: Project Monitoring & Administration, Lessons Learned, and Use of Foreign-Produced Goods.